The Future of Welding Imaging Technology

Lucent Industries is redefining the welding experience
with Real-time High Dynamic Range Imaging.

Our High Dynamic Range solutions offer an unprecedented visual experience for welders.

Increased Welding Productivity
Superior visual awareness of the welding environment, compared to conventional passive or auto-darkening filters, allows for a higher degree of welding accuracy and aesthetic quality.
Better Occupational Safety
Our mediated-reality HDR solutions provide superior protection from eye injuries, which accounts for approximately 25% of all welders' compensation claims in the US.
Reduced Welding Deficiencies
Visual clarity of the welding area allows for reduced welding errors, fewer repair requirements, and improved cost-effectiveness of your welding operations.

About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary team with a clear vision and strong ability to execute.

Ken Yang
Business Development
Helton Chen
Image Processing Engineer
Steve Mann
Ryan Janzen
Lead Researcher

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